Monday, October 6, 2014

Snap by Groupon - Save on Groceries

Groupon released this new app called Snap by Groupon it is similar to checkout 51 but also really like Ibotta. It is a rebate app for certain purchases. Some of the rebates are not limited per person and they are pretty high value for example my favorite is the $3 Huggies Diaper rebate. We hardly see high value huggies coupons be this much let alone being able to stack a coupon and the rebate unlimited amounts of times. The only bad thing is the cash out is minimum $20 and no gift card options but with the value of these rebates I am sure most of us will reach $20 in no time. I've submitted two receipts so far and it took about a day for them to approved. So far I like this app sign up here.

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