Sunday, October 5, 2014

Updated Instagc Review

If you have looked through my blog you will see Instagc a lot. I have been a member since 2012 and have earned over $1900 since that time. I'm still in love this site has helped us through so many hard times it has helped us pay bills, get food/gas money, fund birthday parties for my children, made Christmas even possible, and helped fund my wedding.  Being a stay at home mom I am so glad to be able to help with what I can and still be able to stay at home.

I've slowed down a lot this year with my son being such a busy body its hard to sit down and get some time to earn but I do when I can. I took this picture last night you can't see 2012  I am a
 I don't chat much but you will see me on from time to time :).

This is my last check I received! My biggest check so far was $300.  I think one of the things I like most about this site is that the survey's I take I have actually seen some of my opinions be put to use. For example I helped with the label design, ad/coupon/slogan and price of the product Wet Naps. I also coupon and while looking through my inserts (coupons) the exact ad I picked for this product (I am sure along with many others) there it was!

I have helped pizza places come up with promotions/deals and new products to come out (like lava cake!). And I have helped with the main character, story plot, featured picture and theme of some apps. I have also helped with a bug windshield washer fluid the design of the label what it says where etc I saw in Walmart right on the shelf. That is beyond cool that some one ordinary like me can influence products. The best part is that you get paid for it most of those kind of surveys are fun and engaging they are my favorite!

This site is not only doing something for members but also helping companies! This is THE best reward ( gpt) site out there I have tried many and this is hands down the only one! Sign up here if you ever have any questions, want help or just want to know what offers I have been doing lately drop me a message or comment here I am always happy to help!


Remember to confirm your email and explore! Make new emails frequently for offers never use your personal one and download the pinger app if you plan on signing up for quotes, newsletters etc the calls/emails can get overwhelming. Be patient make sure your ad pop up blocker is not on and make sure you have sandboxie to protect your computer from viruses if you do downloads (pc not mobile apps). While the site is safe the downloads add on's often contain some sort of annoyance since these are from different advertisers instagc has no control over what is in the downloads. Trials be sure your interested and try it through the full trial before cancelling if you don't like it this way you've given the product the most opportunity to show you its worth keeping. Try the mobile apps or search for lab 42 and live sample these are my favorite so simple so quick!

Your minimum cashout can be as little as $1 depending on your choice of reward. You must confirm your phone number one time only! After that all gift cards are immediately instant and check usually takes 3-9 business days. I get mine quickly and I think they are on the other side of the states to me. I can not stress this enough use your real information every time all the time! This site focuses heavily on integrity and maintaining an honest site. Advertisers offer more money and more opportunity to users if valid information is being honestly submitted so this is very important. Click to view the opportunities to earn .

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