Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Deal spotr review

While on one of my sites I came across a post saying I could earn gift cards for posting deals. I signed up and checked it out. It is actually pretty cool!
Basically it is a lot like retail me not. You just post deals, coupon codes or store sales to get points! The points can add up also people who confirm your deal worked will get you points as well. Your deals can become popular or legendary you can get extra points for that.

Earn points for posting
Fast to earn first gift card
Fast to receive your gift cards
Referral system
You can follow people
Great coupons that are valid !
The site is easy to use

A deal can only be posted once so if someone else has posted it, it will likely be flagged as a duplicate or if it's a coupon code duplicate it will likely reject your post so you have to be fast when you come across deals.
You cannot share anything self promotional
If you don't post deals it's not so easy to earn
Searching for stores is annoying if you type in school you can't click on the one you want without typing in the rest because it brings up the stores with titles. For example if I'm looking for schoola it brings up a few results when i type school but schoola is not the first result if I click on schoola in the search results it brings me
To the first store that was listed that's annoying !
Lists coupon codes that aren't valid any more and have been down voted yet still shows

In conclusion: if your a deal hunter this is for you! Even if you don't care about the gift cards this site is great because you find all the new deals or coupons for stores. I always check dealspotr before shopping!! Feel free to use my link you can get 200 points to start you off as always feel free to follow me @Safewayaddict. If you need any help just let me know by commenting below Or commenting on one of my posts on deal spotr 

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