Tuesday, December 15, 2015


An amazing video that captures why Rabadaba is so awesome !! Come see why

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  1. I used rabadaba for over a year and a half. I saw the change in the network (for the good and bad). It was great most of the time, however the staff of rabadaba lost its focus and instead of keeping the quality of it they shifted to quantity. They became rude with older members and unfair even allowing copyrights violations.
    They crested the live contest a system where people could nominate pictures for small prizes like 10, 7 5 and 1 dollar. However I found out that the contest is fake and only rabadaba circle of beloved users get nominated or if you are a new member (they will put you on the live contest to hook you up on the system).
    MakING money is pointless and impossible, specially with the changes so don't enter the network thing you make a lot money. Don't waste your time like I did. I spent hours taking pictures, editing it, only to be bullied by other users and the staff. So I went to complain about some users stealing my photos and rabadaba said there was nothing they could do, since it in their perspective wasn't a copying right infringement, since who stole the images did and editing so the images is theirs now. Yes sounds ridiculous but that's what they said. So yeah I left the network and I tell you: AVOID IT, is worthless!