Friday, December 11, 2015

Wow app get paid for messaging

I've recently downloaded an app called wowapp it's Basically a messaging/phone app where you can text or call people and receive money for it. The minimum cash out for PayPal or bank deposit is $20 which is 2000 wow coins so 1 wow coin =.01!

I am on night 3 of wowapp and have added a few people I earned .48 and 8.03 the second day. Earnings are updated once a day and you earn because there are ads at the top of each message.
I have a huge 18+ group chat going that's on its second day of being open and so far I think that's where a lot of my earnings came from.
They don't really explain very well how the earnings are broken down but it seems to be good paying! If you would like to add me search Safeway addict or Alysia Rijon if you would like to be added to my network you can join here


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