Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Get paid for tutoring English $10 an hour

Another thing I use to make money online is an app that you can teach Chinese students English. Most of them just want to chat to improve their English for many reasons it's simple you get paid .17 per minute you talk to them which equals $10 per hour it's not an American app so you will have to go into your settings and allow it to run but it's legit. Payment is PayPal $20 minimum and its weekly if you don't have enough it just rolls over to the next week. You'll get $10 to start using this link tutor for one hour and see if you like it and you will hAve made minimum of you don't it only took 1 hour of your time ! It's very cool I've made $49 so far in only 2 weeks

You will need to go into your settings and accept the app to run since it's not from the App Store go to general >device management then click on it 

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