Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wow app payment proof

So I've been doing wow app for a few months now since about December. When I first started I could not find any payment proof whatso ever and the app was so new I don't think any one had cashed out yet due to the payment minimum being $20.

I checked the yesterday and realized there was no minimum I had 871.xx I think available credits so I requested a PayPal payment and was paid today! So I can say it's definitely legit

First is you must wait 60 days from the day you earned the credits for them to become matured. Meaning Jan first you earn 50.xx it won't become available until March first.
Second xxx.xx means dollars if you only have xx.xx that's only cents.
Available credit is your credit you can donate or cashout with.
Earnings are what has not yet matured by waiting 60 days!
Have questions? Ask away :)
It seems I cannot add a picture from my phone I will have to add my payment proof later.
One thing to know is wow app charges $1 + 8% of what your cashing out so out of 871.xx I got $7.01